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Detection dogs are widely considered the most effective and adaptive method for explosives and narcotics detection. Increasing recognition of the Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) and Narcotic Detection Dog (NDD) has led to a world-wide increase in their use in security (and military) operations. A Narcotic Detection K9 team is typically used by law enforcement to search buildings, vehicles, cargo, luggage, and/or any location suspected of containing illegal substances. The Narcotic Detection Dogs are also often used during large event venues (festivals) to ensure a drug-free environment. Detection Dogs are not only used in a military or law enforcement context. K9 Detections teams are used as well to provide extra security in airport areas. It is one of the fastest and most effective solutions for carrying out the screening required for airport security. Detection Dogs are one of the most reliable solutions. Compared with the high cost to purchase detection equipment, using a K9 team means you can secure baggage, cargo and/or passengers at an affordable price. Man trailing and Search and Rescue requires a different type of training and skills. The skills of search and rescue (SAR) dogs can mean the difference between life and death, especially during natural disasters, mass casualty events, and when locating missing people.


Protection DogsFlag-items

These dogs are mostly used by law enforcement or military units to provide patrol or intervention duties (officer protection, suspect apprehension, area or building clearance) and security in sensitive or controlled areas.  

Out of the public security sector, dog teams can be trained and used to search people, vehicles and buildings to safeguard business premises or events. These services enhance the level of protection and security significantly of private property, harbours, or venues and events.


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