Obedience and Behaviour Flag-items

Obedience training is done to provide you with convenience and control over your dog, everywhere, anytimeThis training can sometimes be a very challenging task, so our trainers use extremely effective methods to teach your dog to listen to your commands even around distractions or in challenging, noisy, or stressful situations. We have a successful track record of correcting extreme behaviour and are on standby to give advice and support to you and your dog to deal with behavioural problems as anxiety, aggression, dominance, food aggression, not listening and other challenges.


Detection and Protection Flag-items

The Detection Dogs we train are selected on three categories of behavioural characteristics: detection characteristics, trainability/tractability, and environmental characteristics. Detection characteristics are related to the style and intensity of interrogation and search for explosive odor. Trainability/tractability relate to the various cognitive, behavioural, and social characteristics necessary to be trained to perform the particular search requirements. Environmental characteristics refer to the collection of traits enabling a dog to work effectively in the particular search context, such as a large event venue, crowded mass, or military combat. 

The Narcotic Detection Dogs are specifically trained to detect various illicit substances. Through this training, they learn to recognize the latest narcotics odors in the marketplace and respond appropriately when confronted with those scents in real-life situations.  

Protection Training is often widely misunderstood. This type of training is traditionally done with police dogs and operational security dogs but is becoming more and more popular with family/personal protection dogs too. Security or Protection training will provide you and your dog with enhanced control and stability beyond that of normal obedience training.


Dog Handler, Train the Trainer or Instructor Courses 

We do not only train dogs. We provide as well a full range of canine training courses to motivated individuals, designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills and understanding to enable the safe handling of dogs and to optimize the benefits of using working dogs for specific purposes. Next to the basic Dog Handler course, we offer also a “train the trainer” course, which goes deeper in the behavioural aspects of training working dogs. Our instructor course is an advanced course, developed specifically for experienced dog handlers and trainers, to allow them to train independently, in all situations dogs for special purposes, to be used in exceptional circumstances or with exceptional behavioural problems.